What is Avad?

Avad is for students wanting to start the process of discovering what gifts, passions, and abilities God has created them with. It is an intentional opportunity of both learning and practicing. We will meet 5 times throughout the summer to share a meal together, plan events, share about our gifts, passions, and abilities, and enjoy the relationships that are developed. This is for students going into their sophomore, junior, & senior years. Fill out the form to the right if you would like to be a part of Avad this summer.

By committing to Avad you need to recognize that it is a commitment. I understand that families take vacations and life happens, but this is really for students who are committed to what God is doing in their lives. It will be expected that you participate in the conversations, take the practices serious, and have an open heart to serving. If you can answer "heck-a" yes to the commitment, then jump on for the ride, it is going to be a fantastic summer!

Part of the commitment will be to be present at the meetings (there will always be food provided) and to help plan and lead events throughout the summer. Here is the calendar! 

Avad Summer Schedule: 

June 4th | Avad Team Gathering 

6-8 PM at Mark's House (4070 Crabtree Ct) 

June 18th | Summer Luau 

6-9 PM at the Hankins. We will set up from 4:30-6:00 and everyone will help lead the event. 

June 23rd | Avad Team Gathering

July 2nd | Rivercat's Game 

We will all go down together, not really much to do for this event!

July 7th | Avad Team Gathering 

July 14-19 | High School Summer Camp 

July 29th | Avad Team Gathering

August 5th | BBQ & Lake Day

You will help plan this out and lead it!

August 12th | Final Avad Team Gathering

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