Refuge High School Ministry

We are all about discipleship through relationships. We believe that the most effective way to disciple students is by prioritizing worship in our weekly gatherings, creating space for students to build relationships, challenging students to join God in the work He is doing to redeem the world, and intentionally practicing what it means to live as Jesus teaches. 


What is Avad?

Avad is for students wanting to start the process of discovering what gifts, passions, and abilities God has reated them with. It is an intentional opportunity of both learning and practicing. We will meet 5 times throughout the summer to share a meal together, plan events, share about our gifts, passions, and abilities, and enjoy the relationships that are developed. This is for students who have a heart for joining God, and helping to make Refuge a place that every student at CCC and in the community, can connect. 

By committing to Avad you need to recognize that it is a commitment. I understand that families take vacations and life happens, but this is really for students who are committed to what God is doing in their lives. It will be expected that you participate in the conversations, help lead events, share stories of the practicing project, and help to create space for students to connect at Refuge. 

If you want to join Avad, and everyone is welcome to join, fill out the form to the right and start taking ownership of Refuge.


Summer Avad Meetings.

Each meeting is a Monday afternoon from 12-2 PM at a house to be determined. They will include lunch, intentional conversation, prayer, and sharing stories. 

June 9th - The Kroeker's House 

The other meetings will be June 23rd, July 7th, July 28th, & August 4th


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